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AWDABPT Buildings

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Provides dynamic temperature simulation of 1 to 15 room buildings, shelters, and cabinets over the course of 20 days. Useful for accommodating heat dissipating equipment and/or people. Cooling or power plant failure and later restoration can be simulated. Includes indicative external bush/forest fire mode. Provides for sensitivity analysis of selected parameters utilizing monte carlo techniques.

Expertise Required: 

Understanding of building thermal characteristics, conductivity, U-value, heat capacity, latent heat.


Building designers requiring estimates of room temperatures within accommodation for people and/or heat-dissipating equipment. Teachers requiring a tool providing visual output. Designers wanting the option to test the influence of variance in selected input data such as a building material property or equipment capacity (via Monte Carlo techniques).


Data requirements are listed on The user enters data via 'windows' forms.


Graphical and tabular, both on-screen and printable. Output data file (.csv) is viewable in most spreadsheets for further manipulation. Individual tables can be exported to most spreadsheets.


Handles thermal mass and passive and active cooling or heating systems. Dynamic calculation of heat transfer characteristics without generalizations. Air-surface film conductance and radiation components are calculated by the program according to prevailing indoor and outdoor conditions. A cooling / heating plant fail mode is provided to enable examination of room temperature rise / fall upon the loss of cooling / heating.

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Load Calculations
Detailed Envelope Simulation
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27 July 2015
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03 October 2015
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