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DIAL+ is a very intuitive interface dealing with the optimization of energy loads on the room scale.
Originally focused on daylighting purposes (DIAL-Europe) the capacities of DIAL+ have been extended the field of electric lighting and dynamic thermal simulation. A comprehensive internal modeler allows to quickly describe all the required parameters to either launch Radiance® simulation or to calculate the thermal and cooling loads of a given room.

Among the results one can mention:
• Daylight factor values (Certivea, LEED, BREAM)
• Diffuse Daylight Autonomy (Minergie-ECO)
• Annual electricity consumption due to electric lighting (SIA-380/4, Minergie)
DIAL+ has been validated against the CIE 171:2006 “Test Cases to Assess the Accuracy of Lighting Computer Programs”

• Heating & Cooling loads & demands (SIA 382/1 SIA 382/2)
• Comfort evaluation (SIA 180, EN15251)
• Air flows due to natural ventilation (Cockroft model).
DIAL+ has been validated against the following standards: EN 15255, EN 15265 and ISO 13791

Expertise Required: 

The interface was designed so that a non-expert user can easily describe all the room parameters.
This very fluid interface is particularly suitable for sporadic use (no need to use the software every day to know how to use it).
However, the use of all the features (lighting and thermal) assumes that the user has a minimum educational background regarding building behavior.


DIAL+ is very adapted to the optimization stage of the design process.
Its speed and simplicity allow to realize very quickly parametric studies and compare the different variants of a given facade.
DIAL+ can thus be used either by engineers and architects.
It is also well suited for educational purposes.


The software includes an internal modeler that allows to describe all the required parameters of a given room.
For electric lighting, it is possible to import existing luminaires files (.ldt).
It also possible to import meteo-data from a given location.


The lighting module allows to produce reports that include the following results:
- Daylight factor values,
- Diffuse Daylighting Autonomy values (% and hours),
- Autonomy for Minergie-ECO,
- Illuminance values due to electric lighting,
- Annual lighting electricity consumption (SIA 380/4),
- Sunpath diagram including outdoor obstructions,
- Shading studies (sunshine factor, viewed sky fraction).


Intuitiveness, speed.
Ability to consider all the energy loads of a given room (e.g. lighting, heating, cooling & ventilation).

Major Capabilities: 
Parametrics & Optimization
Weather Data & Climate Analysis
Lighting Simulation
Mac OS X
Free for Non-Commercial/Academic Use
Free To Try
Help and Support: 
Subscription Email Support
Subscription Phone Support
Last Software Update: 
27 August 2015
Last Entry Update: 
21 October 2015
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