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Trusted by Thousands of Professionals. Building on more than a decade of front-line experience working with solar & renewable energy professionals, EnergyPeriscope is designed to speed up and enhance the sales process. Easily crunch the numbers, generate professional sales proposal materials, and manage your sales activities. EnergyPeriscope helps you focus on what really counts: identifying your customers` needs, designing smart solutions, and getting new business on the books.


Solar, wind, energy storage and energy efficiency dealers, installers, contractors and marketing/sales professionals. Consultants, architects and designers in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields. Financial advisors and due diligence personnel assessing and justifying the financial viability of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Contractors, electricians, plumbers, roofers, HVAC, hydronic radiant floor, window, insulation, pool, spa and other service professionals entering the renewable energy and energy efficiency markets: Performance estimation and pricing guidance is provided to help you avoid costly mistakes. OEMs & Distributors: Special editions are available to help grow new business and improve operational effectiveness across a retail network. Education. Special editions are available to colleges, universities, vocational schools and other learning institutions.

USA, Canada, Central America
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Utility Bill & Meter Data Analysis
Weather Data & Climate Analysis
Detailed Component Simulation
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16 December 2015
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16 December 2015
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