Building Energy Software Tools
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How do I get my software on the BEST Directory?

You must first register to create an account. Once your email has been confirmed you can begin uploading your software. When you login to your account, you will first land on your user homepage. Click the "Software+" button to add your title, and be sure to fill in the form completely with decriptions, photos, links, and video. All red-starred items must be filled to save. Be sure to use images and video if you have something. This always makes for a more interesting presentation and draws more people to your listing.

Once your software is submitted, it will be reviewed by our staff before being included in the directory. You will get an email once this review period is complete. Note that your title will not show in the directory at this time until it is accepted. We may reject submissions for a variety of reasons, and we will let you know in our response. We are always happy to help if your software title is rejected.