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AcousticCalc - HVAC Noise Prediction Program

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Developed over the last decade, AcousticCalc helps designers predict sound levels at the room level from a distant sound source. The program uses the ASHRAE Handbook and ASHRAE's 1991 Algorithms for HVAC Acoustics handbook methods with the “Source-Path-Receiver” model. This easy-to-use Windows-based program allows a user to define and save unlimited number of sound sources, save and define unlimited number of sound “paths” (composed of long list of possible duct component types) and model the ceiling effect and three different models for room effect.  AcousticCalc allows a user to import and export (share) sound sources, user-defined devices, terminal units, and duct silencers with other users. Easy-to-navigate “tree” modeling allows an unlimited number of sound sources, paths and rooms.

AcousticCalc allows the user to create multiple scenarios, so the designer can optimize the design for the acoustical criteria of a given room or space.

AcousticCalc also allows the user to “mark” component breakout sound for calculation and inclusion, if the designer deems the component to be located such that breakout sound should be considered.

Reports and graphs from AcousticCalc include:

  • Report: Project Cover Sheet
  • Report: Project Summary with Results
  • Report: Source, Path and Room Details
  • Graph: NC Sound Plotting with NC Value Displayed
  • Graph: RC Sound Plotting with RC Value Displayed
  • Graph: NCB Sound Plotting with NCB Value Displayed
  • Graph: RC Mark II Sound Plotting with RC Mark II Value Displayed
Expertise Required: 

A basic understanding of HVAC acoustics


HVAC designers, acousticians, educators, and students


Description and input data of sound sources, sound paths (duct components), and room information


Data and results can be viewed on screen or printed reports (Cover Sheet, Summary & Detail) or printed graphs (NC, RC, NCB, and RC Mark II)


Performing “Source-Path-Receiver” acoustical analysis involves a multitude of complex mathematical equations. AcousticCalc turns this complex and painful process into a simple point-and-click process and performs the analysis on screen in seconds. As sound sources, paths, or rooms are added, AcousticCalc updates all calculations and provides real-time calculations and results updates, which can be plotted onto any of the four graph types at any time during the design process.

AcousticCalc is available as a DLL (Dynamic-Link-Library), which can communicate with Microsoft Excel or any Windows-based parent program.

United States
Major Capabilities: 
HVAC System Selection and Sizing
Parametrics and Optimization
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Reduced for Non-Commercial/Academic Use
Help and Support: 
Free Email Support
Subscription Phone Support
Last Software Update: 
15 January 2016
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18 July 2018
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