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arbn consult is a valuable decision and consultancy tool permitting assessors and real property asset managers to make energy performance investment decisions. Developed by arbnco and specifically designed for MEES compliance, arbn consult provides fully costed retrofit strategies for improving energy performance in individual commercial buildings. By uploading the INP/XML file from an Energy performance Certificate, the arbn consult software identifies what retrofit measures to implement to improve the EPC rating, the cost of these measures including discounted payback periods and demonstrates the ability of each measure to achieve MEES 7-year payback rules.
Taking the data file behind any commercial EPC, the software can generate a fully costed improvement report, detailing carbon, cost and energy savings potential and impact on the resulting energy rating.

The arbn consult software will run multiple simulations of combinations of improvement measures in order to provide four strategies for the improvement of the energy consumption in the building. These strategies are based around the EPC rating, which are directly related with the expected energy costs of the premises and are predicated upon being required for F and G rated buildings in the majority. The strategies are as follows:
• The EPC assessor’s maximised rating
• The best possible EPC rating
• The most cost-effective way to achieve a band D
• The most cost-effective way to achieve a band E

Expertise Required: 

Beginners will have ongoing support from technical team, along with the opportunity to trial the product for free and free product demonstrations if required


Commercial EPC assessors, Surveyors, Energy Consultants


Allows assessors to generate bespoke, professional and user friendly investment grade reports in minutes

arbn consult has the ability to re-run historical SBEM EPC models through the latest version of SBEM to identify changes in EPC rating and alerts a potential transition to 'MEES At Risk.'

Our software identifies what retrofit measures to implement to improve the EPC rating, the cost of these measures including discounted payback periods and demonstrates the ability of each measure to achieve MEES 7 year payback rules.

The software has multiple applications including:
1. Simple Upload Tool

Auditing of the building energy model behind the EPC rating & score. The platform enables, energy performance professionals to identify where building energy models deviate from EPC conventions and data entry errors

Through analysis of the data stakeholders can make decisions whether the building energy model remains valid or a new model should be commissioned to provide enhanced decision-making information.

2. Comparative analysis

The platform identifies migration of EPC rating & score consequent for EPC convention and SBEM developments enabling real property managers to assess the legislative risk.

3. Simulation reports

The platform provides a Simulation Report which, costs, extrapolated from BCIS and Spons Guide provide detailed feedback on the anticipated costs associated with retro-fit improvement works, projected impact on EPC rating & score and legislative requirement to install

4. Asset Energy Reports

The platform provides and investment grade asset energy report detailing legislative driven retro-fit improvement strategies and maximised EPC rating potential from approved improvement measures

5. Streamlining

The platform permits streamlining of retro-fit improvement costs where specific cost data is available, permitting costs to be measured against the legislative framework and providing the basis for enhanced reporting

6. Enhanced reporting

The data available from the tool provide energy performance professionals to provide valuable advice to real property professionals and investors.

The data the platform enables energy performance professionals to advise where capital expenditure may or may not be required or additional enhancements with could be achieved in association with improvement works.

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