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BSim is an integrated PC tool for analysing buildings and installations. BSim includes a collection of advanced tools for simulating and calculating e.g. thermal indoor climate, energy consumption, daylight conditions, synchronous simulation of moisture and energy transport in constructions and spaces, calculation of natural ventilation and electrical yield from building integrated photovoltaic systems.

Expertise Required: 

Users must have some general knowledge on building design and how buildings behave thermally in order create the building model. Courses are offered.


Engineers, researchers and students.


SimView is the graphic user interface of several applications included in the program package and the graphic model editor. SimView is used for creating and defining features and properties of the building such as geometry, constructions, materials and installations.

SimDXF (included tool) can be used to create a spatial geometry from a CAD plan drawing saved in DXF format. This enables CAD drawings to be used as a basis for establishing complex model geometry in BSim. System lines are selected from the CAD drawing and they generate the 3D geometry when opened in SimView.

The model is shown simultaneously as a 3D drawing, a floor plan and two sections. Moreover, a hierarchical tree structure is shown on the left of the display, allowing the user to access and edit individual parts of the building model. Data can be transfered to other programs for further processing, e.g. DirectX or Radiance.


The user can define any of the calculated parameters (more than 67 for each zone plus data from ambient climate as output on hourly basis, in either. tabular or graphically form. The variables can also be presented in "sum" graphs or tables. Finally the energy balances for each zone or the whole building can be shown.

All results can easily be exported to Excel or similar toosl for further processing.


Analysis of the indoor thermal climate in complex buildings or buildings with special requirements for the indoor climate.

Major Capabilities: 
Whole Building Energy Simulation
Air Flow Simulation
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Multi Family
Reduced for Non-Commercial/Academic Use
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10 June 2015
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24 September 2018
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