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BuildSimHub has four main components: BuildSim Cloud, Cloud Simulation toolset, Code Compliance toolset, and Data Analytic toolset.

BuildSim Cloud is the first energy model management platform that can read and analyze EnergyPlus models. Equipped with the popular version control system, GIT, the BuildSim Cloud can effectively track model changes, compare and merge the model differences. It is a perfect tool for managing complex modeling projects in a collaborative environment for multiple parties.

Cloud simulation tool significantly improves the work efficiency of modeling through smart simulation options. With large models, the Cloud simulation can be configured to run four periods in a year in parallel to boost the simulation speed by up to 2.5 times. For parametric studies, the system can optimize the resources to parallelize the simulations, ensuring the job be completed in time.

Code compliance toolset includes automating both performance baseline models as well as local and certification compliance reports. Currently, there are ASHRAE 90.1 PRM (performance rating method) automation tool, NYC EN1 reporting tool and Title 24 reporting tool. With a model built based on the design case, the user can quickly get a baseline model as well as a populated compliance report with a button click.

Data Analytics is the first ever toolset provides data visualization and machine learning modules for energy modeling tasks. More than thousands of data points including time-series (hourly, monthly), surface level, zone level, and building level outputs can be easily displayed with interactive charts and 3D geometry in a few clicks.

The energy modeling dashboard, built on top of charts, is customizable and shareable among team members, which significantly improves the model quality reviews. The dashboard can be easily templated and reused in any other modeling tasks.

Last but not the least, new released BuildSim Learn is the first machine learning module built for energy modeling. It utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to boost the efficiency of energy modeling. In a recent case study, the module enables real-time instant design decision making as well as reduces design optimization time by more than 50%.

Expertise Required: 

Using BuildSimHub web UI, the user is recommended to have a basic understanding of energy modeling.
Using BuildSim API, it is required to have basic knowledge of programming.


Architects, engineers, data scientists, building scientists, researchers, students, and software developers


BuildSim Cloud accepts EnergyPlus models (.idf), OpenStudio models (.osm) and gbXML files exported from BIM software.

Advanced user can also submit customized weather files as well as hourly schedules in .csv format for cloud simulation.

With its unique model management system, BuildSim allows users to reuse data from previous models at parameter level (e.g., watts per area in Lights class), component level (e.g., electric chiller) or system level (e.g., DOAS with Fan Coil system). It eliminates the repeated work in every new project as well as ensures the knowledge lies in the old models can be fully utilized.


BuildSim product can export any model information (e.g., HVAC system and its zone groups, conditioned zone list, etc.) and simulation output (e.g., EUI, energy cost, and hourly pump flow rate, etc.) from one EnergyPlus model or a group of EnergyPlus models.

BuildSim Cloud provides simulation results files (.idf, .rdd, .eso, .html, .err) to ensure users’ accessibility of raw simulation data.

BuildSim Plot and Dash (Data Analytics toolset) can quickly assemble different types of data into interactive plots or in a dashboard. It is a perfect tool to convey simulation messages to the team and clients.

Code compliance module outputs an ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G model with a populated compliance report including NYC EN1 and Title 24.


BuildSim is excellent for improving work efficiency of energy modeling tasks including early-phase parametric and optimization, DD phase code compliance modeling, operation phase model calibration and model-based predictive control.

BuildSim also provides its API interface that connects to different functions under the cloud simulation, data analytics, and code compliance. The API offers excellent flexibility to customize users own automation logic, which saves up to 70% time and cost.

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Whole Building Energy Simulation
Parametrics and Optimization
Code Compliance
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17 September 2018
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17 September 2018
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