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Climate Consultant

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Free, easy-to-use, graphic-based computer program that displays climate data in dozens of ways useful to architects, builders, contractors, and homeowners, including temperatures, humidity, wind velocity, sky cover, and solar radiation in both 2-D and 3-D graphics for every hour of the year in either Metric or Imperial units. Climate Consultant 6.0 also plots sun dials and sun shading charts overlaid with the hours when solar heating is needed or when shading is required. The psychrometric chart analysis shows the most appropriate passive design strategies in each climate, while the new wind wheel integrates wind velocity and direction data with concurrent temperatures and humidities and can be animated hourly, daily, or monthly. Because energy codes require slightly different types of buildings in each climate zones, it is important for people who are designing, constructing, or maintaining these buildings to understand the unique attributes of their climate and how it impacts their buildingÂ’s energy consumption. Climate Consultant reads climate data in the EPW format that the Department of Energy makes available at no cost (in fact there are more than 1300 stations from around the world available in this format). The psychrometric chart analysis leads to a rank ordered list of Design Guidelines which in turn are supported by graphic illustration of the architectural implications. An automatic link to the Architecture2030 Swatches is also provided. Custom graphs and charts can also be created.

Expertise Required: 

Intended to be self instructional; requires only basic familiarity with computers, climate terms, and architectural vocabulary.


Builders, homeowners, architects, and students of architecture


Climate data in EnergyPlus/ESP-r Weather (EPW) format


Graphic plots of weather data.


Highly graphic, user-friendly.

United States
Major Capabilities: 
Weather Data and Climate Analysis
Mac OS X
Help and Support: 
Free Email Support
Last Software Update: 
19 September 2015
Last Entry Update: 
23 September 2018
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