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ECOCITIES - Energy efficient building portfolio

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Cost Reductions: ECOCITIES reduces the effort and, thus, the costs for managing, optimizing and monitoring the energy efficiency of entire buildings groups up to 70%. As a consequence, cities and companies save costs by contributing to the achievement of climate goals (thus reducing fines for non-compliance) and fully utilizing unknown energy saving potential.

Compliance: ECOCITIES provides decision makers with the first solution that allows them to easily monitor and optimize their contribution to European climate goals and energy saving initiatives (e.g., 20-20-20 and Energy Efficiency Directive).

Efficient Decision Making: ECOPLAN allows decision makers to get a clear overview of the unmanageable num- ber of options and (inter-)dependencies related to economic, technical and environ- mental issues. It enables them to simulate different strategies and learn about the (long term) consequences of their decisions.

Increased Awareness: A time-based perspective on data allows the user to continuously monitor and proactively detect significant changes of important variables over time. ECOCITIES automatically identifies risks and reports them to the responsible people.


Integrated analysis and optimization of the entire building portfolio.
Consideration of all interdependencies and interactions between the buildings and the environment.

Major Capabilities: 
Whole Building Energy Simulation
Parametrics and Optimization
Building Energy Benchmarking
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Portfolio Scale
Reduced for Non-Commercial/Academic Use
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Last Software Update: 
14 January 2016
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20 September 2018
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