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Energy design tool for residential or large and small commercial buildings. Performs whole-building energy analysis for 8760 hours/year for up to 98 zones and 20 different wall and window types. Calculates transient heat flows, HVAC loads, electric savings from daylighting contributions, energy consumption, demand charges, life-cycle costs, annual greenhouse gas emissions, and floating temperatures in unconditioned zones. Building plan input is through a sketching interface for single or multistory builodings. Weather data are selected from an included database of over 2000 cities worldwide. Graphical output is in form of bar charts and graphs. Hourly output is produced in a spreadsheet format at the option of the user. Tabulates peak zone loads, supply air quantities, and duct sizes.

Expertise Required: 

Experience with Windows applications. Knowledge of building thermal properties and energy concepts and HVAC zoning concepts. Experience with building design and/or plan sketching.


Architects, engineers, energy analysts, building inspectors, and students of architecture and engineering.


Selection of one of three ASHRAE Energy Performance Standards. Graphic entry of building plans through a sketch interface, building envelope thermal properties, hourly use profiles, hourly indoor temperature settings.


Tabular reports and graphs available for monthly loads, annual loads and energy, peak loads, electric displacement by daylighting, life-cycle costs, and weather summaries. Hourly loads and weather data are available at the option of the user.


Graphic sketch input interface, hourly weather data generator with 2030-city worldwide database. Can run in compacted weather data mode for quick testing of alternative design strategies. Generous use of defaults for materials, windows, profiles, costs, lights, etc. Also produces annual greenhouse gas emissions.

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30 March 2015
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31 March 2015
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