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EnergyCAP Professional

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Online software for domestic public school districts (see EnergyCAP Enterprise and Express for other organizations) that need straightforward utility bill tracking, energy management reports and calculation of the cost avoidance attributable to energy management activities. A typical Professional client has 50–1,000 utility accounts and pays $500,000 to $10 million per year. Professional Online is primarily used from one energy management or utilities management office. It uses Microsoft's SQL Server database. Multiple users can access the data simultaneously.
EnergyCAP Professional Online is perfect for school districts that need:
Verification of utility bills. EnergyCAP's exclusive Bill Auditor checks each bill more than 50 ways for reasonableness.
Energy, cost, and savings reports. More than 250 reports, each with extensive filtering options. Save time with report Favorites and Batch reports.
Cost avoidance results. Energy CAP calculates the cost avoidance (dollar savings) attributable to energy management activities, in accordance with the international standard for performance contract M&V.
Energy efficiency. It's often said that you can't control what you can't see. Professional lets you quickly and easily see a total picture of your organization's energy cost and consumption, the first step to energy efficiency and cost reduction.

Expertise Required: 

Basic knowledge of data entry.


Markets: This version of EnergyCAP is available exclusively to domestic school districts that qualify. See EnergyCAP Enterprise and Express versions for other markets. Positions: Energy and Facility Managers, Sustainability Specialists, Accounting and Financial Personnel


Setup data (buildings, locations, meters, accounts, etc.), utility bills, special M&V baseline adjustments, daily weather data.


Bill Audit process checks each bill more than 50 ways and issues warnings on possible bill errors. It shows more than 250 reports and graphs, customizable using Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access or Excel. Views Savings shows results of regression analysis of daily weather versus energy use, applied to baseline period for cost avoidance and M&V. Charts of meter interval data. Benchmarking and ranking charts.


Ease of Use. The programming team is the same one that developed FASER Energy Accounting, an industry leader since 1982. EnergyCAP is a vast improvement over FASER and utilizes the latest technology to make energy tracking quick and easy.

United States
Major Capabilities: 
Utility Bill and Meter Data Analysis
Building Energy Benchmarking
Building Type: 
Portfolio Scale
Last Software Update: 
13 November 2015
Last Entry Update: 
20 September 2018
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