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Enterprise Energy Management

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EEM Suite is classified by the Department of Energy as an Energy Information System; an enterprise software application with a data warehouse at its core complimented by a suite of modules. The modules become powerful tools for energy, sustainability, and financial professionals in organizations managing commercial or institutional public sector real estate holdings. Using an intuitive web-based platform, EEM Suite provides energy information, utility management, and analytical tools enabling the design and execution of energy management strategies that reduce use, cost, and GHG emissions.

EEM Suite provides standard applications for automatic bulk data importing of interval and billing data via flat files and manual data entry. These Windows-based applications will be configured and training will include the use of these applications.

EEM Suite runs on Microsoft Server and SQL Server and servers can be hosted by the state or by Energy Hippo. EEM Suite integrates with financial systems by exporting pre-formatted files that can be directly imported into third-party financial systems. EEM Suite can also integrate with other data sources via ODBC connections or web services.