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FineHVAC is a BIM software solution that integrates drawings & calculations within an intelligent CAD environment. Due to its DWG native file format in an AutoCAD®-like environment, FineHVAC offers the easiest transition to the CAD users. Fine HVAC’s Calculation module is closely interacting with the BIM model: it reads the physical properties of the BIM objects to calculate the HVAC loads space by space. Besides, it recognizes the networks and receptors to calculate the air-duct and piping networks, taking into consideration flow rates, pressure drops and other parameters. Therefore, FineHVAC generates automatically all the case study results, as well as the entire set of drawings (plan views, vertical diagrams, axonometric diagrams, high quality Piping/Ducting Networks in 2D and 3D and others) properly updated with the calculation results. Further to the drawings FineHVAC provides a complete documentation, including detailed calculation sheets, technical reports, bill of materials, bids and many more. FineHVAC is at the same time DWG and IFC compatible to ensure collaboration with any other third party BIM application (i.e. with FineHVAC the user can open a BIM model created by Revit® or Archicad® , to work directly on the HVAC calculations).

Regarding standards and guidelines FineHVAC provides its user with a rich set of alternative options: HVAC Loads can be calculated according to the latest Ashrae RTS 2013 (or Ashrae TFM, Ashrae CLTD, Carrier or even EN12831). The air-duct sizing can follow the rules of the constant-velocity, equal-friction or static-regain techniques. Chilled and hot water piping installations can be precisely calculated through a dynamic simulation at their operation point (relatively to the pump curves). The Graphic Psychrometric Analysis is fully parametric as well. As for the equipment selection, the user can choose among a large number of items constituting the rich program libraries.

Further to Buildings, FineHVAC includes also design for Merchant and Naval Surface Ships ( Ashrae ch. 13.1 & 13.3).

FineHVAC belongs to the FineMEP Building Services Design.Suite (containing also FineSANI, FineFIRE, FineGAS, FineELEC and FineLIFT) which is a part of the 4MBIM Suite, including also IDEA Architecture and STRAD structural.

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Expertise Required: 

Basic knowledge on CAD only


HVAC Designers, engineers


Geometry is taken automatically from the BIM model (either from an existing IFC file, or through the model that can be created easily by the program’s BIM modeler). Then the user can intervene on the default values either globally or locally in such a way that the data input work is minimized.


The output comes in both, preformatted reports and user definable reports through the report generator. All the 2D/3D drawings are presented and documented in detail, displaying the piece of info filtered by the user.

  • User friendly, using DWG as its native file format in an AutoCAD-like environment.
  • It is a BIM (Building Information Modeling) application, imitating the real building process.
  • Enables the user to select the applying methodology among a rich set of alternative options (i.e. HVAC loads can be calculated according to the latest Ashrae RTS 2013, or Ashrae TFM, Ashrae CLTD, Carrier or even EN12831).
  • Generates automatically calculations, technical reports, Bill of materials etc
  • Generates automatically a full set of drawings (view plans, vertical diagrams, axonometrics, 2D/3D piping and airducting drawings with all the details on them).
  • FineHVAC is renown to be the BIM software offering the easiest transition and high productivity features for only a fraction of the price of its main competitors.
USA, Greece
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Load Calculations
HVAC System Selection and Sizing
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Multi Family
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20 December 2017
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23 September 2018
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