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HEED Home Energy Efficient Design

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This new easy-to-use Design Tool starts by automatically creating a reference house that meets California’s 2013 Energy Code, then it creates a second home that is about 30% more Energy Efficient. Or you can design a house for any climate in the northern hemisphere.You can design and compare up to nine different homes. HEED shows you graphics of how much energy and money and carbon you can save by trying various new Design options or by making Remodeling changes to your home. You can easily draw in the floor plan of your house, then click and drag windows to their best location on each wall. You can add trees and neighboring buildings and see an animation of sun shadows moving across your building. You can select from lists of standard wall and roof construction or you can input custom details. You can add high mass to temper indoor temperatures. Various other Passive Heating and Cooling options are available including ventilation, evaporative cooling, and passive solar heating. You can add Photovoltaic Panels and Solar Hot Water Collectors. HEED can automatically download climate data for thousands of locations around the world. Many kinds of Building Energy Performance data are displayed including bar charts that show how close your building is to Zero Net Energy. HEED self-installs on non-networked Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.6 or newer systems.

HEED Overview Tutorial

Expertise Required: 

No special training is needed.


homeowners, builders, contractors, energy consultants, or students


HEED starts by asking four simple questions: the square footage of the house, number of stories, building type (i.e. single family or townhouse or condominium), and location (or you can automatically download climate data for any one of thousands of locations). HEED will then create a basic design which you can modify any way you wish.


HEED produces dozens of different bar charts, 3D graphs, or animated architetural renderings, plus numerical tables of thermal performance, cost, or CO2 production.


Easy to use, fast, yet produces a range of outputs from very basic to complex

Major Capabilities: 
Whole Building Energy Simulation
Energy Conservation Measures
Solar and Photovoltaic Analysis
Building Type: 
Mac OS X
Help and Support: 
Free Email Support
Last Software Update: 
17 December 2015
Last Entry Update: 
29 August 2018
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