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Easy-to-use energy analysis and design software for low-rise residential buildings. Utilizing current heat loss/gain and system performance models, the program aids in the simulation and design of buildings for thermal effectiveness, passive solar heating and the operation and performance of heating and cooling systems. Free. User support is limited.

Expertise Required: 

Basic understanding of the construction and operation of residential buildings.


Builders, design evaluators, engineers, architects, building and energy code writers, Policy writers. HOT2000 is also used as the compliance software for the Canadian R-2000 Program.


Building geometry, construction characteristics (above and below grade), HVAC and domestic hot water specifications, geographical location of the house, fuel costs and economic data (optional). The data is entered through a graphical user interface. Many defaults are provided, if the user is not sure of certain values


Reports on the house analysis, weather file, economic and financial conditions and fuel costs are available. The house analysis includes detailed monthly tables, annual heat loss and HVAC load results. A comparison report allows for the display of results of up to 4 house files at once.


Performs whole-house energy analysis quickly (<1 second) which can be used to determine annual energy use and help to determine cost effectiveness of energy efficiency upgrades. Takes into account thermal bridging through studs in assemblies, has a detailed air infiltration model and foundation heat loss model. Heat balances are performed on the basement, main floor and the attic. It can model five fuel types and many different HVAC systems (including heat recovery ventilators and heat pumps). Has been validated extensively against hourly simulation programs and monitoring of real houses. The program can be run in English or in French and in metric, Imperial or U.S. units.

Major Capabilities: 
Whole Building Energy Simulation
Load Calculations
Energy Conservation Measures
Building Type: 
French Canadian
Free for Non-Commercial/Academic Use
Last Software Update: 
03 August 2011
Last Entry Update: 
25 August 2018
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