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IES Virtual Environment

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The IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) is a powerful, in-depth suite of building performance analysis tools. It allows the design and operation of comfortable buildings that consume significantly less energy. Whether working on a new build or renovation project, the VE allows designers to test different options, identify best passive solutions, compare low-carbon & renewable technologies, and draw conclusions on energy use, CO2 emissions, occupant comfort, and much more.

There are various tools in the suite; each designed to provide sustainable analysis at levels suitable for different design team members and design stages. All utilise our Apache dynamic thermal simulation engine, and an integrated central data model, which has direct links to SketchUp, RevitĀ® or Trelligenceā„¢, Vectorworks and gbXML, IFC & dxf imports. VE for Engineers and VE for Architects are the two packages available within the Virtual Environment.

Expertise Required: 

Training is required: We offer both face to face and web-based options to allow our clients a complete understanding of the software. Web training can be booked online at IES, Inc. Other support resources include the IES YouTube channel and online support forums.


The Virtual Environment has sustainable analysis tools for Engineers, Architects, Sustainability and Energy Consultants, Building Owners, Facilities Managers and Contractors.


Geometrical building data may be imported from a range of CAD/BIM systems (e.g. Revit/SketchUp/Trelligence/Vectorworks/Graphisoft) or gbXML, IFC, DXF files. Geometrical models may alternatively be entered using facilities within the Virtual Environment. Input of data relating to materials, occupancy, internal gains, climate, weather files, air movement and systems is managed entirely through graphical interfaces and supported by extensive databases (including pre-defined HVAC component libraries and Manufacturer tools such as Daikin VRV Systems, Monodraught Windcatchers and Termodeck).


Tabular, graphical, video, photorealistic images, colour contoured 3D geometric visualisation of analysis results, full 3D immersive results viewers, fully populated reportage to match LEED / BREEAM / Building regulations and statistical output for energy / daylighting / solar shading all included within the package.

  • Comprehensive analysis options offered across a wide range of metrics
  • Simulation results are linked between modules; including across component HVAC system modelling, natural ventilation modelling, CFD analysis, daylight compensation control, solar shading analysis, cost and value assessment
  • Convenient data manipulation coupled with the ability to undertake what-if assessments at the design calculation stage
  • Integrated data model means that design changes are immediately updated elsewhere
  • Unrivalled interoperability with other CAD/BIM platforms
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Whole-building Energy Simulation
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30 June 2010
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14 October 2016
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