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LoopLink RLC

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LoopLink RLC is powerful, web-based residential/light commercial geothermal design software that allows you to quickly and easily design loopfields for multiple zone, multiple heat pump geothermal systems from anywhere.

Using basic building load and location data, LoopLink RLC calculates the size of your closed loop vertically bored, horizontally bored and/or horizontally trenched GHEX designs. You also have the ability to generate comprehensive economic analyses including operating cost and long term cost of ownership.

LoopLink RLC Features

Accurate Repeatable Results
Design with confidence using the only software built on the calculation methods outlined in the 2011 IGSHPA Residential/Light Commercial Design Manual.

Multi-Zone/Multi-Heat Pump Designs
Take on bigger residential projects than ever before with the only residential software that allows any number of zones with any number of heat pumps per zone.

Detailed Economic Analysis
Accurate cost estimates are just as important as getting the design right which is why we provide a comprehensive set of economic evaluation tools enabling you highlight:

* Simple Payback
* Accrued 30 Year Savings
* Ownership Cost Breakdown
* Operating Cost Comparisons

Professional Reports
Present your customers professionally designed reports that take seconds to generate and can be saved, emailed or printed with the click of a button.

You need LoopLink RLC for projects with building loads that are primarily driven by the local weather. These buildings will have low occupancy schedules, negligible internal gains and low to moderate ventilation requirements and may be modeled using ACCA Manual J.

Projects LoopLink RLC is Well Suited for Include:
* Homes (regardless of square footage)
* Multi-family Residences
* Small Offices
* Enclosed Storage Facilities


Residential Light Commercial Geothermal System Designers
HVAC Designers
HVAC Engineers


Bin Data Weather Location (Bin data built in)
Building Heating and Cooling Loads (From third-party software)
Soil and Design Parameters
Utility Pricing


Complete Geothermal System Design Including
Required Loop Lengths
Cost of Operation Analysis (total and by zone)
Cost of Ownership Analysis


LoopLink RLC is extremely flexible. It is just as easy to design a single zone project as it is to build out a 15 zone mansion.

The online delivery allows you to work from anywhere (even your phone or tablet) so you can adjust your designs with your customer in the comfort of their kitchen.

The subscription model of LoopLink RLC allows you to control your costs. Subscriptions start at $20/month and you can cancel at anytime. Renew your subscription and all of your work will be waiting for you.

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HVAC System Selection and Sizing
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21 September 2016
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19 September 2018
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