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Performs yearly simulations of a building life cycle, in order to provide mechanical, energy and architectural engineers or architects with environmental indicators (e.g., global warming, acidification and eutrophication potentials, exhaust of natural resources etc.). The Ecoinvent database is used for material fabrication and other processes (energy, water, waste, transport). novaEQUER is linked to the energy simulation tool COMFIE. Replacement of components at the end of their life is automatically accounted for.

Expertise Required: 

High level of computer literacy not required.


Mechanical, energy, and architectural engineers working for architect/engineer firms, architects, consulting firms, utilities, federal agencies, urban designers, universities, and research laboratories.


Building geometry, material characteristics, internal loads and schedules, climate, heating and cooling equipment characteristics. Water consumption, waste generation and transport issues may be taken into account, depending on the goal of the study. Readable, structured input file should be generated by PLEIADES user interface and ALCYONE 2-3D modeller (PC Windows). Import from GBXML is possible.


Formatted result (spreadsheet compatible tables and graphs), 12 environmental indicators (greenhouse gases, primary energy and water consumption, waste etc.).


Links with an energy simulation tool and a user friendly interface (PLEIADES) allows a more global assessment. Life cycle simulation reduces the risk of errors when taking renovation into account. Focusing on the envelope allows for use by architects. Possibility to model a district including several buildings, streets, parks etc.

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Life-cycle Analysis
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22 October 2015
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18 July 2018
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