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OnGrid Tool

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The OnGrid Tool helps PV solar energy companies create effective finanical presentations for their prospects. Using an internal data set of utility rate structures, it helps solar professionals choose the best utility rate structure and PV system size.

The OnGrid Tool has been in use by solar professionals since 2005. It works offline in Microsoft Excel, with the option to sync with the cloud.

Expertise Required: 

None needed. Help resources are available.


It is directed to solar installers, contractors, and salespeople. It is also used by students, teachers, and anyone who wants to learn about the solar industry.


Customer information; Electricity use information (utility, rate schedule starting, rate schedule ending, monthly use, time-of-use profile, demand, efficiency and site use changes, expected rate escalation); location (for NREL insolation); expected inflation in maintenance costs; site conditions (shading upload from Solmetric, Solar Pathfinder, or Precigeo; orientation; tilt; dust and dirt loss factors; microclimate and ambient local temperature adjustment factors; system loss factors, including mismatch and wiring; type and quantity of modules and inverters; system pricing; incentives if desirable to override the regularly updated OnGrid-provided utility specific defaults (rebates, PBIs, FITs, tax credits, depreciation, SRECs); financing variables.


Production and net use; savings; payback; IRR; NPV; resale value; life cycle payback; ROI; 25-year timeline of cash flows and IRR; environmental offset benefits; charts and graphs; explanation of factors affecting output; 90 pages of proposal and document variations to choose from;


Great solar sales and financial software for salespeople, installers, and contractors who want to streamline making reliable, professional proposals.

United States
Major Capabilities: 
Utility Bill and Meter Data Analysis
Solar and Photovoltaic Analysis
Building Type: 
Mac OS X
Last Software Update: 
12 October 2015
Last Entry Update: 
27 August 2018
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