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OptiMiser Commercial ASHARE 1,2,3 Rapid Audit Software

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OptiMiser Commercial is professional audit software that allows you to perform comprehensive ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3 audits in the field on your Windows tablet or laptop. From data collection, to measure analysis, to reporting - OptiMiser Commercial puts the entire audit cycle at your fingertips, eliminating hours of spreadsheet manipulation and report preparation.

OptiMiser Commercial is able to target a wide range of buildings, including office, retail, education, food sales/service, health care (In/outpatient), lodging, multi-family apartment, public assembly, public order and safety, religious worship, service, warehouse and storage, and government.

Optimiser Commercial includes a broad variety of energy conservation measures that can be modeled instantly, including operation and maintenance (O&M, or retro-commissioning), low cost retrofit, investment grade retrofit and demand response measures.

-Streamlined ASHRAE Level I, II, and III on-site energy audits. Standardized and simplified data collection, measure identification, analysis/simulation, and reporting.
-Innovative utility bill analysis handles multiple meters with inconsistent reading periods, detects irregularities in the energy use patterns and assists in identifying potential energy efficiency measures.
-Energy benchmarking module reports Energy Star Portfolio Manager scores and benchmarking results.
-Comprehensive building, occupancy, loads, equipment and scheduling information collection and processing enables accurate energy end use breakdown.
-Pre-defined measures lists in the program facilitate identification of energy efficiency opportunities and and target collection of required information and data for energy savings quantification.
-Energy consumption calibration fine tunes the baseline energy model by making sure the simulated energy usage and peak demand are within a preset percent of the utility bill.
-Flexible building and system information collection, module creation and calibration allows accurate partial building audit depending on audit budget and turn-around time.
-Powerful computational engine enables:
--Targeting different types of commercial buildings, including education, food sales/service, health care (in/outpatient), lodging, multi-family apartment, retail, office, public assembly, public order and safety, religious worship, service, warehouse and storage, government and others.
--Evaluation of a full spectrum of EE opportunities, including envelope, retro-commissioning, low/no cost retrofit, capital intensive/investment grade retrofit, demand response and renewable measures.
--Analysis of various air/water side systems and equipment, including but not limited to packaged single zone systems, packaged multi-zone systems, single duct air handling units, dual duct air handling units, standard direct expansion units, indirect/direct evaporative cooling units, air or water source heat pumps, chillers, cooling towers, pumps, fossil fueled furnaces and boilers, baseboard heaters, domestic hot water systems, and others.
-Interlinked computational modules for various building and system components allows easy inclusion and quantification of interactive effects between measures that are required by Level II and III audits, and enables more accurate savings and cost estimation for Level I audits.
-Flexible cascaded EE measure analyzing approach recalculates savings of unadded measure in response to addition or removal of recommended measure and creates optimal recommendation package based on client’s criteria.
-Built-in and customizable cost database and comprehensive costs estimation on different measures allows accurate payback and economic analysis.
-Inclusion of eligible incentives and rebates in the economic analysis enables comparison of before and after incentive/rebate payback period and assists customers in making investment grade choices.
-Fast reporting function generates a detailed and highly customizable audit report including an executive summary, comprehensive equipment lists, utility bill profiling, energy benchmarking, recommended energy efficiency measures and potential measures.

Expertise Required: 

General knowledge of commercial building engineering and construction.


Auditors, engineers, facility managers, utility program project evaluators.


General building characteristics. Level of system detail depends on measures being analyzed and type of audit (1,2,3).


Existing and potential loads, savings, building and measure details, bill analysis. In configurable PDF reports and Excel tables. Can also integrate with databases and web systems.


Speed, flexibility, range of EEMs, integrations.

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Load Calculations
Energy Conservation Measures
Building Energy Auditing
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17 September 2018
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