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Pleiades is a software environment for building eco-design. It comprises:

  • A wide customizable building thermal library, linked with EDIBATEC, a French database of manufactured products
  • A graphical modeler providing 2D graphical input and 3D display interface. It can import gbXML, IFC 2x3 and IFC4 BIM files, so as models from Revit CAD software. It also computes indoor natural lighting (RADIANCE engine) and check compliance with lighting target of BREEAM label.
  • An input module for gbXML and IFC4 BIM files.
  • COMFIE, a multizone calculation engine for dynamic energy simulations of buildings, developed by ARMINES/Mines ParisTech
  • French thermal regulation compliance modules (RE 2020, RT 2012, RT existant)
  • Heating and air conditioning equipment sizing modules
  • Indoor air quality computation module (INCA-indoor engine)
  • AMAPOLA, a statistical analysis module, including occupants behavior, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty analysis and optimization (of both simulation and regulatory calculations)
  • A building Life Cycle Assessment component (formerly novaEQUER)
  • Plenty of output functionalities (customizable graphics, automated reports, spreadsheets etc.)

Some words about COMFIE simulation engine :

This calculation engine uses a multizone model based upon a finite volume method on which a modal reduction technique is applied. This sub-hourly timestep simulation provides accurate assessment of the yearly and hourly heating and cooling loads, hourly and mean temperatures, comfort evaluation (PMV/PPD) for each thermal zone. It also includes hundreds of outputs related to the equipment (consumption, physical properties etc). COMFIE building model is also coupled with additional modules (natural ventilation, PV generation, ground-air heat exchanger, artificial lighting, PCM). Humidity is also computed.

Expertise Required: 

High level of computer literacy not required.


Mechanical, energy, environment and architectural engineers working for architect/engineer firms, architects, consulting firms, utilities, federal agencies, universities, and research laboratories.


User-friendly 2D graphical input interface complemented by 3D display and exhaustive input checking tools. Users have to input building geometry, thermal characteristics, internal loads and schedules, climate, heating and cooling equipment characteristics.


Formatted reports printed directly by PLEIADES; including input and output (tables and graphs).


User-friendliness of the interface. Quick and accurate computation. Dynamic simulation allows analysis of thermal comfort and passive solar structures. Pleiades includes a life cycle assessment module (formerly separate software novaEQUER) allowing environmental evaluation of the building and the neighbourhood. The software is continuously improved on the basis of scientific research and engineering feedback.

Major Capabilities: 
Whole Building Energy Simulation
Parametrics and Optimization
Code Compliance
Air Flow Simulation
Life Cycle Analysis
Building Type: 
Multi Family
Reduced for Non-Commercial/Academic Use
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Help and Support: 
Peer Support Forum
Subscription Email Support
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Last Software Update: 
03 June 2019
Last Entry Update: 
06 October 2021
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