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Sefaira Systems

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Sefaira Systems enables users to carry out rigorous analysis of HVAC options and deliver robust insight quickly and cost-effectively. Users are equipped to:

1. Justify high-performance designs:
Justify improvements to form and envelope with HVAC sizing or operational cost reductions.

2. Define space requirements early:
Understand sizing implications of owner specifications and HVAC system options.

3. Explore multiple systems to optimise performance:
Identify the best overall solution by studying the impacts of early design and system choices.

4. Add value to their clients: By using Sefaira Systems, AEC professionals are able to;

- Strengthen client relationships by participating meaningful in early design;
- Save time and money by reducing time required to deliver early analysis;
- Deliver additional value to their clients by identifying opportunities early on.

Sefaira Systems 6 minute intro

Expertise Required: 

No specific expertise is required. Sefaira provides training for new users as part of the subscription as well as access to its published content, Learning Website and Knowledge Base.

All of these are valuable learning resources on performance based design for new and experienced goal-driven designers.


Engineers, HVAC specialists, environmental consultants, M&E professionals


Geometry: The user’s massing is uploaded to the web apps via the SketchUp or Revit plugins.

Required inputs:
- Building location
- Building type

Additional inputs, including weather information:
Weather data is automatically set based on building location, but this (and other specification values) can be manually overwritten in the graphic user interface via text boxes, sliders or drop down menus


Outputs include:
Air Handling Unit Design Airflow
Cooling Equipment Design Capacity
Heating Equipment Design Capacity
Energy Use Intensity
Annual Gas Use & Cost
Renewable Energy Generated
Annual Energy Cost and more.

Results can be exported directly to CSV.


RAPID: From an architectural model to key HVAC outputs in under 10 minutes
ROBUST: Built on EnergyPlus — the industry standard for building simulation
FLEXIBLE: Easily compare massing options, envelope properties, and HVAC design choices

“The ability to proactively suggest optimisations to clients and easily react to model iterations will help us differentiate our service in this increasingly competitive market.” John Anthes P.E., Edwards and Zuck Consulting Engineers

Sefaira was developed in the UK & the USA. It is supported globally in North & South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
Major Capabilities: 
Whole Building Energy Simulation
Load Calculations
HVAC System Selection and Sizing
Building Type: 
Multi Family
Mac OS X
Help and Support: 
Subscription Email Support
Subscription Phone Support
Last Software Update: 
28 August 2015
Last Entry Update: 
20 September 2018
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