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TRACE Load Express

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Calculates detailed HVAC load reports for heating, cooling and airflow capacities. Based on ASHRAE algorithms, you are assured of accurate results and valid designs.

The intuitive Windows graphical interface makes Load Express a powerful engineering tool with a very short learning curve. The "rookie" or experienced user can quickly and accurately perform load calculations for small to medium-sized light commercial buildings with confidence.

Create project files with Load Express in just 4 easy steps. Select a weather profile, enter simulation parameters, define the zones/rooms in the building and create air handler descriptions. Expandable, built-in libraries of building design parameters streamline your data entry time. Explore different design options using the "Alternative" feature.

Expertise Required: 

Basic knowledge of HVAC equipment, systems, and terms.


Mechanical systems designers who size and calculate loads for HVAC systems.


Building design parameters and system configurations.


Print any of the 15 summary reports such as design cooling/heating loads (design capacities), psychrometric state points, and peak load summaries at building, air handler, or zone level.


The intuitive interface and simplified input methods, with the reliability of ASHRAE calculations, make this program both usable and accurate. Load Express lets you control the level of detail to enter and makes editing any specification painless.

United States
Major Capabilities: 
Load Calculations
Building Type: 
Multi Family
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15 October 2015
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23 September 2018
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