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Building Energy Modeling is very complex and time-consuming. It can seem completely out of your reach, or if you practice it you will still find there are many hours wasted in repetitive and cumbersome tasks, making you unable to focus on what’s really important: analyzing the outputs, evaluating Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) and, ultimately, using it as a powerful decision tool. Leveraging software, EffiBEM specializes in providing new ways to streamline your workflows and create new tools that work with limited inputs for your specific applications. We also offer support and training services on BEM simulation engines. EffiBEM puts the power of Building Energy Modeling in your hands.
Julien Marrec
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EffiBEM's staff has been using EnergyPlus and/or OpenStudio it as lead energy

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The learning curve of EnergyPlus and OpenStudio is steep.

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