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Energy Hippo is a leading provider of energy management software. Our clients have been using our software since 1999 to allocate utility costs, track energy and water data, streamline utility bill processing, find billing errors, create budgets and forecasts, and more. We continue to add functionality as the market demands and we can now calculate greenhouse gas inventories, benchmark buildings, interface with ENERGY STAR, and measure energy savings. Our software is secure, reliable, and has a comprehensive suite of product features from years of real-world testing and direct feedback from users like yourself. Since we are a privately held company, we measure our success by the quality and success of our clients, not by the number of clients or revenue targets. For the past 15 years the Energy Hippo team has been successful in solving energy management challenges, including fiscal period bill data mismatches, untimely or missing bill and interval data, managing a system hierarchy to meet conflicting internal data viewing needs, and working with financial and audit groups to meet stringent financial rules. We provide a wealth of information and best practices from a large number of sophisticated clients and are aware of the work it entails to get a system of this size and complexity successfully deployed.
Nitin Manchanda
1816 Lafayette Street, Alameda, California 94501
United States
Telephone: (415) 944-7769

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